10 Mindsets That Will Improve Your Business

More tips:

1. work your ass off
2. location… its still everything
3. Know your competition
4. Make Yelp work… everyone uses Yelp… don’t buy their advertising either its a waste
5. Employees are not your friends, you should care but their just not.
6. You are the why you are succeeding or failing… buck the fuck up
7. know what you DON’T know and find the fuck out
8. You can make more money charging somewhat less that your competetor its a quantity thing.
9. five years is a turning point.. you know what your doing but are you GROWING? and what is the point of diminishing return to growth. where’s location number 2 going to be?
10. you should walk away with a third…..after everything if you aren’t fix that.